Leornard Cummings, ACS Director

About Adventist Community Services (ACS) - Disaster Response

ACS is one of the most exciting ways you can be involved in your community, town or city in a practical Christian way. It is known as a rewarding ministry as it brings smiles back to peoples faces who have lost them for a variety of reasons.

Established back in 1879 as the Dorcas Society, ACS has transitioned and developed over the years into a dynamic network of Adventist churches and people trained to meet the immediate physical needs of people in their community who are hurting or whose lives have been destroyed by some terrible natural or man-made disaster.

No matter how large or small the crisis, with ACS you can help those who need the loving hand of Christ. In some cases it may be as small as a single family home which has burned to the ground by a fire or a flash flood that has washed the memories and complete lives of a family from their home. Alternatively, it could be as large as a neighborhood or small city flatten by a surprise tornado. ACS was there in Katrina, Rita, and continues to serve those whose lives have been destroyed throughout the US and Canada.  Regardless of size each disaster provides an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.

As a result of the dynamic nature of ACS your help will start to be noticed in your community and it will develop your name by providing practical, timely and Christ centered love when people most need it. Serving as a volunteer with ACS you will never be short of things to do.

On an international level our church proudly supports ADRA - Adventist Development and Relief Agency - a non profit disaster and relief agency which works with international donors, governmental agencies, UN and private foundations to help and support those whose lives are disadvantaged.

If your church doesn't have an ACS Ministry, talk with your pastor and he will contact Pastor Leonard Cummings, your ACS Director at the Texico Conference - communityservice@texico.org. They are easy to set up and you can be helping people in a very short space of time! This is your opportunity to help your church be known as an active church in your community!

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