Welcome to the Communication Department

Debby Marquez,
Communication Director

The communication department strives to keep you updated on the news of the conference. We share stories about people giving their hearts to the Lord and pastors baptizing these precious souls, students and teachers growing scholastically and spiritually while going on mission trips to foreign countries, new churches being organized or built and miracles happening unexpectedly. One of the ways we distribute news is on our Facebook page that we update regularly adding news, photo albums and sources of inspiration. “Like” us at www.facebook.com.

We also communicate through the Texico Update Newsletter, which is a monthly electronic newsletter that contains a collection of stories, statistics, prayer requests and news. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.  
Our department works with local churches and schools to provide up to date information about what is happening across our Conference. Our mission is to proclaim to all people the everlasting gospel of the Three Angel's Messages. When you provide us with activities, articles and pictures, we will submit them to the Southwestern Union Record and include them in the Texico Update Newsletter. Contact us at 505-244-1611, fax 505-244-1811 or email at dmarquez@texico.org. We look forward to helping you tell the good news of what is taking place in our Conference and share the mission and vision of Christ's soon return.