Lee-Roy Chacon,
Nancy Monge,
Assistant to the President


The work of the gospel continues to be our focus in the Texico Conference and the proclamation of that message is going out through many different avenues in our territory of New Mexico and West Texas. The love of God is being demonstrated through preaching, Bible studies, friendship evangelism, schools, and satellite dishes with Adventist programming, radio, community service, and in many other opportunities. 

In the past 16 years over 9,000 people have joined our Conference, which has more than doubled our membership! We praise God for each precious soul who accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior and are looking forward to His Second Coming.

We have seen God perform many miracles throughout our Conference and anticipate His leading in the future. We are praying for God to use us in any way possible to advance His cause. This is not a matter of business as usual. It's not a matter of working harder. It's a matter of surrendering everything that we are and everything that we have to God. It's a matter of people coming together in prayer and asking God for revival and reformation individually and corporately so God can use us in an even greater capacity. Let's pray and work so that everyone in our Texico territory will know that Jesus is coming soon!