Welcome to the Texico Planned Giving and Trust Services Department! 

Jeff Metherell,
Planned Giving &
Trust Services Director
Margarett Whetsell
Estate Planning Services 


Did you know that most American will die without providing security for their family through a will? What is more, did you realize that if you don't have a will the courts will decide how your estate will be apportioned between your descendants?  That could develop large complications and not follow your wishes for your estate.   At the Texico Conference we are concerned our church family throughout West Texas and New Mexico has the opportunity to ensure your wishes will be carried out through the provision of a will or trust.   Often the reason people haven't made a will is because they are concerned about high legal expenses, so we offer the service for free. If in the unlikely event you die prematurely, can you afford to allow the courts to decide who will have custody and look after your children?   Please contact Jeff Metherell, Texico Conference Gift Planning & Trust Services Director, at 505-244-1611 or jmetherell
@texico.org. We can begin to help you make plans for the future.